If you want to be succesful, using It properly is the key. Information can be processed easier and it can also help by making information more accesible. In this article, I will discuss two different IT vies. Moreover, I am going to look how it is important for your enterprise architecture.

The different views

There is a distinction between different IT modes. First of all, there is a mode focuses on the accuracy and security of information. Secondly, there is a less structured mode that primarly focuses on innovation.

These mode mode are called mode 1 and 2. Mode 1 can be easily related to the IT in a non-distinctive point of view. In this mode, your products and your services do not have to be influenced by It directly. Mode 2 rather focuses on for instance skill management. In this mode, the products and the services are aligned and IT is a part of it. This can be used a competitive weapon. A great example is the customer journey.

Enterprise architecture; the importance of it

If you want to provide guidance within your organization, using enterprise architecture is very important. This can be easily aligned with your tactics and strategy. If we take a look at IT companies in particularly, enterprise architecture can applied easily to your bimodel view. In this view, it is important that every action your company takes, it will add value for the whole firm.

What does this mean for you as a company? First of all, this IT architecture makes it possible for all the members within an organization to process information easily. Moreover, all the information that is relevant for a member within the organization should be available. Secondly, it is recommended that companies make a distinguish between the two models that were mentioned before.

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