One of the most common questions asked by people about dart shafts is “what is the difference between all the shafts?” and “why is there a length difference amongst dart shafts?” There are many different types of dart shafts available in the market including the distinct shapes and styles. Different types of dart shafts are suitable for different types of gameplay and players. Therefore the following is a list of the different dart shafts you get to make a choice from. If you’re looking for quality darts, dart shafts and other dart-related equipment make sure to check out the online platform called Dartshopper. They keep all dart brands and related accessories of the best quality.

Here are some of the dart shafts you must know about:

  1. Ring Grip Nylon Dart Shaft- Ring grip nylon dart shafts are largely preferred by and are ideal for serious dart players. These darts are also known as pro vision shafts (Target), ring grip shafts (Formula sports) and as eagle claw shafts (Shot Darts). They specifically designed to keep the flight on the shaft during the play.
  1. Solid Aluminium Dart shaft– Solid aluminium dart shafts are typically available in four different lengths in the market. They are ideal for professional dart players and also come in a wide range of styles that are all high in quality and durable.
  1. Plastic/ Nylon Dart Shafts- These dart shafts suit recreational players as well as entry-level players because of their great value for money. They come in three distinct lengths. The lengths including extra short, short and medium. These dart shafts are the most basic type of shafts to exist.
  1. Carbon Fibre/ Carbon Composite Dart Shafts– These dart shaft types are very light in weight and durable at the same time. The durability is similar to aluminium shafts minus the potential loosening of the bending or barrel. That is why they also allow easy maintenance of accuracy of the darts over time.

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