Every manufacturer of a steel working factory is aware of the small spiky nodes developing on the surface when shaping stainless steel. These spiky nodes are called ‘burrs’ and can cause serious friction and wear on your machines. Over time they can even cause fractures to develop in the steel.  So deburring stainless steel is very important to remove the burrs from the surface.


Unfortunately, a lot of manufacturers haven’t got any deburring machines in their production line, but over time they will notice less high quality in their stainless steel. Burrs aren’t always visible on the naked eye, but after a while of shaping stainless steel, they are certainly to be found on top of the surface. So if all the hard work is done from sawing, slicing and  cutting, you still haven’t the high quality product you wish to produce. Using deburring machinery on all your stainless steel components, is the only way you make sure you’re producing all the time nothing less than top quality stainless steel. At Q-fin we are specialized in different high quality types of deburring machines for all your stainless steel parts. We are able to offer you a proper advice and help you choose from one of our many different options.