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Buses are the most efficient forms of transport, and over the years, their purchase has escalated to provide varying travel solutions. The minibuses fall in several categories geared to meet varying needs and expectations. We guarantee assistance in every purchase step so that you get a vehicle from a reputable market, varying from the most affordable to the most robust models. Here are several best valued second-hand minibuses that you can consider.

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A detailed Review of the Best Second-hand Minibuses

We offer numerous bus categories based on the number of passengers it can carry. Note that our team of trained specialists can modify the used mini buses to meet your needs. The Tesma Prestij gives excellent comfort for short and medium distances and offers smooth drive even on rough roads. It can hold 29 passengers and a driver’s seat with perfect ergonomic functions. It also has a spacious interior, excellent air conditioners and luxurious seats to give you a comfortable trip. The improved suspension will help to improve road holdings and driving safety by reducing the amount of noise and vibrations emitted. The Ford Transit minibus is perfect for both holidaymakers and business travellers and is designed to bring out style. It can transport up to 18 passengers and conveys a sense of professionalism and quality. It also comes with a smart, spacious interior for excellent storage and unrestricted access to the passenger compartment to make the long journey pleasurable. For more extensive group travel, we can recommend the Mercedes Benz Sprinter 516 CDI that holds a total of 21 passengers. It also features ergonomically shaped seats, uncluttered driver workspace and improved air conditioning system to meet varying transport requirements. The interior allows maximum flexibility with extra storage spaces. It features several drive variants to improve traction in harsh weather and poor roads conditions. The Mercedes Benz 906 AC 35 minivan can hold up to 9 passengers with an automatic transmission and a 2.2 CDI engine power. Other additional features for this model include board computer, arm seats, air-conditioned, fire extinguisher, and anti-lock braking system for a safe and comfy ride. Volkswagen transporter T5 holds nine passengers with a perfect hero haulier look. The advanced cruise control makes long drive less tiring. Other specifications include diesel-fueled, 1.9TDI engine, manual transmission, four doors, emergency hammer, and radio CD. The Mercedes Benz Sprinter CDI 616 is perfect for extensive travel accommodating around 32 passengers. It’s a pretty impressive performer with neat seats and an uncluttered dash. We can help fit a flexible luggage compartment, an emergency hammer, a tachometer, or a webasto to meet your needs. Finally, the Van Hool A308 provides elegance travel opportunity and holds 18 passengers. The arm seats, board computer, fire extinguisher, and matrix board provide optimal comfort and safety for longer journeys. It’s diesel-fueled with 220 hp, automatic transmission.

Used Buses

Buying Guide

Purchasing used mini buses requires various considerations to get the best value for your cash. All the documentation is available for you to scrutinize from the title to the service records. We ensure that our minibuses are in perfect condition to avoid breakdown and inconveniences. Engines are a big gamble to most buyers, but we are always ready to help you choose the right size rather than the most significant engine, which may result in high costs gas. You shouldn’t overlook the mileage unless you only plan to use it for a year or two. A minibus that has covered a lot of miles will most likely be susceptible to unforeseen malfunctions within a short time. Check for rust signs below the bumper, on the wings, wheel arches, windscreen corners, corrosion on door frames, and condition of the tires. Also, take a test drive to check for any leaks, spotted via dripping stains from the parking space. Carefully scrutinizing such areas will save you a considerable amount on repairs and maintenance costs in the long term. For those who wish to buy a minibus for commercial purposes, consider the type of passengers and their sitting requirements. Look for features such as handrails, accessible aisles, and low first step. If you need a wide variety of models where you can choose a well maintained and cost-effective minibus from, then consider a used one.


We guarantee a large selection of second-hand minibuses to use as a family, leisure, private, or commercial passenger carrier. The above is a detailed guideline with reviews to help you choose a safe and reliable model that suits your needs.