Looking to hire a cover band that will turn your wedding reception, party or gala into a mind-blowing event? If so, than it is time that you take a good look at Evenses list of cover bands for hiring. Our excellent bands are world class and give incredible shows. We give you already 4 options.


Cover band Supreme features many talented musicians. This band will be the extra mile for your party or big day. Supreme offers a varied cover set for you. The musicians perform different genres, such as classical pop songs, soul, swing, electronic and dance.

New Weekend

New Weekend is a highly professional and innovative party cover band. The performers have a long-term experience and are the top musicians of London. The band plays party favourites, old classics and fresh hits. With hiring this cover band, you will be sure your party will become unforgettable.


Hiring a cover band that lights up the party? Madhen is the best choice. This energetic and entertaining party band will blow the public away. Madhen is a globally recognised party starter.

Up the Funk

The guys from cover band Up the Funk will turn your event or wedding out into one big party. The band members are fully equipped to handle any type of event, with a full PA and lighting rig. Up the Funk has an exciting repertoire of pop, rock, funk, soul and indie pop.